Shades of Yellow? Love vs. JUC

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  1. Hi all! I own all WG Love bracelets but recently came around to YG so I've been adding that to my stack as well. I purchased a pre-loved YG Love from The Real Real and it is very yellow. It was noticeable on its own, but I also just got a YG JUC from TRR and the difference between the two is very pronounced. The Love looks more like 22k gold and the JUC looks more like 10k. It is making me question 1) authenticity of my Love, or 2) if I actually got a YG JUC (could be RG instead?). Do you see differences in your YG bracelets (whether all Loves, all JUC, or both)?

    I would love to get your opinions. Thanks!

    IMG_3478.jpg IMG_3480.jpg IMG_3479.jpg
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  2. I wear a pg diamond juc with a yg 4 diamond love and I like the look of them stacked. That love looks very yellow imo. I would get it authenticated as the real real has been known to sell fakes
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  3. From those pics that JUC looks like rose gold. And I agree that yellow gold looks VERY yellow... BUT, It could be relative based on the colors of the white gold and the rose gold looking JUC. Are you able to do A return to TRR?
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  4. you have a combination of possibilities here.

    1). take the bracelets to cartier and verify under the serial code what color gold is made for that piece. (however, just because it's a match doesn't mean it's authentic either as it can be replicated)

    2). is your yg love a new or old screw system? I find that the older screw systems yg seems to be slightly more yellow than the newer ones. (or it can be the metal oxidizing causing a deeper yellow hue, sometimes a steam or ultrasonic cleaning helps with that)

    3). your yg juc does look more like a pale yellow compared to the love. I don't see any pink in your juc, my pg juc has faded but there's definitely a hint of pink compared to my yg love and I don't see that in your juc at all. (however, Cartier's pg has been known to fade quite a bit and for some people, their pieces have turned pretty much yellow, so it's hard to say yours didn't)

    4). all in all, there's nothing wrong with purchasing pre-owned. However, there are so many well replicated Cartier jewelry out there (especially love line), that it does make you question the authenticity. I don't personally have experience in purchasing pre-owned, but I know that for a lot of people, once you question the piece you have, you always will.

    With all the headaches that comes with buying pre-owned, I recommend purchasing directly from the store, as you know what you have is the real thing.
  5. I just made my first second hand jewelry purchase ever YESTERDAY. I sold my JUC bc I sized down my love bracelets and the JUC slid over my new loves and drove me crazy. I’ve been on the hunt for a JUC in either yg or pg bc I prefer the old closing mechanism. I just ordered from the real real and am expecting my JUC tomorrow. It is coming with box, papers, original receipt, and cleaning kit. I’m slightly worried now. I feel like I have seen a ton of bracelets on the forum and know what to look for but this post definitely makes me a little nervous.

    OP, I do think your JUC looks like it could be pink gold. Does the love look super yellow in other lighting conditions? Do you wear a lot of other yellow gold to make comparisons to? Hope you get some good replies!
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  6. Thank you! I am going to take it to a local boutique but I’m afraid they won’t be willing to authenticate it for me. I’m hoping they will be able to look up the serial number and confirm the details of the bracelet, but even that doesn’t seem like a guarantee.

    I’ve already initiated the return to TRR in the meantime bc I am coming up on 14 days. I’m also meeting a girlfriend for dinner and she has a YG bracelet I can compare to.
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  7. Thanks for your reply! It is definitely very yellow and I thought it could be patina from wear? I guess that’s wishful thinking.

    I have initiated a return with TRR while I take it to the boutique for verification. Hopefully they will help me!
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  8. Thank you for your detailed response! I love vintage and usually buy pre-loved but the question of authenticity with high end brands does cause me some anxiety! I originally did not question the YG Love, as I didn’t have any other YG Cartier to compare it to, but it did seem very yellow.

    I am going to try taking it to the boutique for verification and possibly an in-store cleaning to see if it has an effect. The YG Love is the new screw system I believe (the screws do not detach from the bracelet) and it looks exactly like my WG Love that was purchased directly from a boutique, but I know that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. [emoji22]
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  9. Thank you! Can’t wait to see your new JUC!
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  10. I agree - the JUC looks RG.

    Those damn dupes are so realistic that I have a hard time trusting any of those pre-loved sites. Dupes are even made of solid gold so it's nearly impossible to spot fakes these days.
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  11. Thanks, everyone, for your opinions. I love buying vintage (and saving some $!) but I think it’s too risky to keep the bracelet, seeing as how sophisticated the counterfeit market is. Besides the color, I never would have even questioned it. The hallmarks even match my WG Love exactly, but the seed of doubt has now grown into a full blown weed!

    I’m sending it back and then going to the boutique for the full experience and peace of mind! [emoji4]
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  12. I know what you mean. It's SO tempting to save some money and go the vintage route but I would have always questioned authenticity had I not purchased from the boutique.
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  13. Well I received my JUC today- ordered a 16 yg and pretty sure I received a 15 pg. The markings were very hard to read- the JUC did not move with my 17 loves. Yet the paperwork said it was a 16. Needless to say I returned ASAP. My honest opinion is that the bracelet is authentic but paperwork was copied to get a higher price. I won’t be purchasing from TRR again.
    When I called to initiate the return my first reasoning was TRR stated yellow gold yet the paperwork said pink. The person helping on the phone was snarky and said the metals looked the same and to basically get over it
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  14. That's horrible ! No one deserves that... too many horror stories for me to go elsewhere for luxury items... I just close my eyes to the price of luxury brands sold at their boutique and flagship locations like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels and Bulgari and have the satisfaction of enjoying my luxury items worry free with all the proper paper work, box, bag, ribbon, etc... oh, and the free champagne and the lovely attention I'm being paid.
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  15. The YG should all look the same... even if it's old, the color is never off... I have a LOVE bracelet that's over 30 years old, I purchased it new at Cartier over 30 years ago, then I purchased the JUC 12 years ago, and the gold looked exactly the same... the only difference was that my LOVE bracelet has scratches from the many years I've owned it. Also, the newness of the JUC was apparent, but the color was exactly the same. I purchased the Tiffany T Block in YG about 5 or 6 years ago and the gold is exactly the same as my LOVE bracelet and JUC and that is another brand that's not Cartier. Luxury 18 K is 18 K, and with luxury items, you'll know right away or at least eventually if something is off. Sad that you have to go through that.
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