Shades of red: Vif vs. Vermillon vs. Garanche

  1. Hey all,

    There was a thread floating around that had the leather swatches pictured in it but I can't find it!

    I've been looking for the perfect red for my agenda GM and I'm trying to decide whether I should hunt for a Rouge Vif or a Vermillon (in Chevre, what else), take a Vermillon in Veau Swift or wait for the new Garanche (which I have seen in Veau Miroir but didn't really love).

    What do you think? Has anyone got pictures of/experience with red items in the leathers I'm speaking of?
    My SA says I should wait for Chevre in Garanche because I wouldn't get bored of it as I would from Vif or Vermillon. What do you think? I love reds with pink or blue undertones but don't like at all those with orange undertones.

    I'm :upsidedown: here!! :lol:
  2. Rouge Vif has more blue tones than Vermillion (orange tones) and Rouge Garanche (gold tones).

    Rouge H in chevre is to die for!!!
  3. Anything in chevre is TDF!!! I'm starting to think I made a bad mistake by ordering my JPG in Clemence.
  4. La Van, would you say then that rouge garanche is more similar to rouge vermillion than to rouge vif ? and the pic of the Bolide you took in Milan, what red is that ? TIA:smile:
  5. Hi Perja, if you love reds with pink tone, there is also an Hermes red shade known as frambois ! I've seen small items like agenda in frambois chevre which is gorgeous! My SA told me that this color has been around for a long is not a new color.

  6. OOOHHH that sounds delicious....:girlsigh:
  7. Thanks gigi. I have seen Framboise but I didn't really love it enough right there and then to take it. Now that you mention it, it might be worth a second look.
  8. LAvan you describing them all perfectly!

    Chevre is to die for!!!
  9. I would say that the rouge garanche is more similar to rouge vif. Vermillion to me has a really strong orange undertone and rouge garanche is not like that at all.

    The one in Milan I think is also rouge garanche because it didn't quite fit rouge vif nor Vermillion, but it could always be the leather ... I don't remember which leather the Bolide in Milan was.
  10. Can't tell you much about the colors, but as far as a bag in a leather other than chevre, I like having a little variety don't feel bad about another leather! As much as I love chevre, there's no camparison to the smell of togo...weird I know!
  11. Perja, did you order a JPG clutch or JPG Birkin?
  12. A JPG Birkin. Like the one Constance showed in the catalog thread. I just fell in love with shape/colour combo.

    Now I'm fretting because I've seen the cutest little turquoise bolide 27 and wonder if that wouldn't have been a nicer bag to have in red. Oh indecisive bag obsession. :wtf:
  13. It's tough when everything is so beautiful!! At least they don't make JPG bags in Chevre, so Clemence is the only choice right now and it will be gorgeous!
    I also love those little Bolides - I want one in fuchsia Chevre!
  14. I tried it on with a pretty casual outfit (big Roxy skirt, petit bateau tshirt) and it looked so good.
  15. If they make JPG in chevre, i would love to get one in fuchsia chevre~~ If they offer fuchsia in clemence, I'd be getting a JPG Birkin in fuchsia clemence too! I want my fuchsia fix~~

    *That's 4 dimes right there
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