Shades of purple?

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  1. In the B Bag colours, what is considered purple besides lilac and eggplant? Does the Ink fall into this category? Because it looks purple to my eyes when I go outside...

    The reason why I ask is I want to buy one for my sister for Christmas and that is her favourite colour.
  2. My ink has definite purple undertones, depending on the lighting.

    You're a sweet sister!
  3. ^ lol no..the only reason why i will buy her one, is so she doesn't steal mine when i am not looking..and trust me..she is capable LOL

    she is hopeless when it comes to buying anything extravagent, so I may as well do it
  4. I would agree and it also has blueberry undertones as well.
  5. eeyore, that's very generous of you! (But I can understand...I have a sister who "borrows" my things and always forgets to give it back!) :P
    Ink, eggplant, and lilac are the only colors I can think of that fall in the purple family. Of the 3, I think the ink and lilac will be easier to find...What style were you thinking of getting?
  6. I don't know. Most likely the classique. She saw the "Hook" and was hesistating to buy it, and she left it. I THINK it was in Ink, but she was hopeless when I was asking her over the phone what she was looking at in the store.

    She likes my black classique and if I buy something too big, she won't use it at night. She is a school teacher so she doesn't use a purse during the week. She uses it on the weekends and I would think the classique is good enough for her.
  7. Eeyore, Elizabeth Thomas has a beautiful lilac first and lvlady has a matching wallet. That would make a beautiful set for Christmas!!! Please buy it bc I want it. I am torn between that one and the origan she has. If you get it, I don't have to make such a difficult choice!!!! hehehe
  8. ^ lol, I'm wondering about that lilac..i'm really confused as to which "purple" to pick..I SAY BUY IT!! commmoonnnn
  9. now that someone posted that eggplant first on ebay..i can tell the wild beast in me is going to want that one for my sister....

    this is bad news...bad bad bad...the perfect purple :sad:
  10. Eggplant is gorgeous, but somewhat hard to find (and $$$ when you do). But I'll be your sister would stop borrowing your stuff if she had it!
  11. ^ well this is the problem. If it goes way overboard, I won't be able to afford it. I would love to buy it but i bet it will like go double retail which i really cannot spend. I'm going to try my best.
  12. Magenta is also a brighter shade of purple :graucho: :heart:
  13. eeyore!!! I won the lilac!!!!! look what you made me do!!! j*K. The eggplant is a very very nice purple and super rare. that's a real treasure. I'm sure your sister will really love it!!!
  14. yay! im glad you won it :smile: , the only reason why i didn't bid on it is because once i showed her atelier.naffs website and she stared at the eggplant and quite possibly started to so i am taking a big risk here and praying i win without losing too much money out of my bank account.
  15. ^ LoL that's funny. Well now at least you know you'll be getting her a gift she REALL REALLY REALLY likes. Good luck with the auction.