Shades of Blue

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  1. I would love to buy a blue bag. What is your favorite blue and from which season? If you have pics, please post. Right now, I'm leaning towards indigo or blueberry but I'm still so unsure!
  2. my faves are : turqouise from f/w '04, indigo pre spring '05, turqoise spring '05.
  3. I have Turq 05, Ink 06 and Blueberry 06 and I love them all. I will do pics later on for you :flowers:

    I think Blueberry is my absolute fav blue though:yes:
  4. What are the differences between indigo and blueberry? Is one darker? Is one more squishy? Is one more veiny?

    There is a blueberry box on eBay right now...
  5. my favorite is teal 05, is a very nice color blue/green. lovely!
  6. my favorite is ink
  7. I love Blueberry!!!
  8. That is a gorgeous blueberry, queenvictoria! Do you wear it with jeans, too?
  9. I loved my indigo day but I am using my teal 05 more - cause it seems to go with everything. even if I'm wearing red or green or any color really.
  10. that is a great blueberry, queen vic
  11. Is the indigo soft and squishy leather? Can you wear it with jeans? Is it more blue or purple? Some pics make it look lighter, while others make it look darker...What do you think?
  12. I love them all but my favorite blue ever is 05 teal, which was my first bbag (I sold it because I was ready to try a new color). Many teal bags seem to get patches of fading -- people seem to vary as to whether they mind this or like it. Turquoise 05 looks gorgeous (I have only seen photos) but I think it might be too bright for me.

    I also love blue india and blueberry!
  13. Hands down Cornflower!! It's the perfect colour blue. Very true, no green so it's amazingly versatile! I have Sky Blue and Ink as well, but I find them far harder to go with colours than the Cornflower.

    I wish you well,

  14. #1 ink. close #2 blueberry. I like the darker blues.
  15. Definitely Cornflower. I *heart* my cornflower box.
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