Shades of Blue Jean

  1. I'm toying with the idea of ordering a blue jean bag. I know that blue jean varies in shading from leather to leather.
    Would everyone who has a BJ bag post a picture of it with details as to leather type. I like to see from lights to brights of BJ color.
  2. Sus, I don't have any bags in Blue Jean. But thought to mention that amongst the SG girls, there are 3 ladies who own Blue Jean in various bag styles; Blue Jean Togo HAC, Blue Jean Togo Kelly and Blue Jean Togo Birkin, and the shades of blue are all different.

    So even though they are all Togo, the absorption of the blue differs.
  3. Ohmigosh S that's amazing!
  4. I hope they see this post and post pictures of their Blue Jean bags!!!!!
  5. mrs is right (as usual) bj varies tremendously but general speacking i can say that i varies like this from the palest to the most intense
    epsom, togo ,clemence don´t know about swift as i do not own any bj swift and can barely remember the lindy i saw in it
  6. From Loire-kobe & Ginza Louvre

    Clemence/togo?, swift and Epsom respectively....



  7. Excited for you Sus!

    What bag style are you thinking about?
  8. I don't know yet Kellybag. It would be my first foray into "coloured" bags. So it would have to be a very light blue jean, I think.
  9. You may want to also consult the reference section: the different colour families and GF's colour book.
  10. Thanks Hello. I have. We do have a wonderful reference section.
  11. Sus, is it because of Fesdu:flowers:'s Blue Jean Kelly?
  12. Wow color yet for you? LOL

    Get going...too much neutral is not bag of color is a must and no one does it like Hermes!
  13. sus, blue jean is bright in epsom and in swift. but i think the true blue jean color is reflected in togo/clemence.

    irregardless, i like BJ in any leather type. esp. croc!
  14. :yes:;)
  15. at first i wanted something pale and sky blue like epsom b/c i was wary about the darker shades of blue jean in the other skins...but after time, i really appreciated blue jean in togo/clemence. i find that b/c it's darker that it looks good in both the winter and summer. (maybe epsom would be prettier in summer?). anyway, i carry my bj togo birkin daily this winter, and i'm really happy with it. this picture was taken without flash indoors but with sunlight. also i like textured leathers for birkins so i went with togo (for added stiffness over clemence and swift). hope it helps.
    BJ BIRKIN.jpg