shade of white on white spy?

  1. I'm suddenly obsessed with the white spy. what shade of white is it...? true white, winter white, creamy white?

    I can't tell from the pics.

  2. To my knowledge it is definitely not creamy white. Ask Lit, she'll know.
  3. There's an authentic white spy on eBay and one on bluefly right now if you're interested. I have posted links on the "authentic deals and finds" thread.
  4. As always, thanks so much for your helpful feedback, lovely ladies!:heart:

    Do we think this is a spring/summer bag only? It's not a white for winter wear, is it?
  5. I was thinking the same thing. Wondering when I do get a spy, what color do I want? Love the white and ivory but since Summers coming to an end should just save and wait until Spring, right?
  6. If you love white or this bag in white, especially if you can get it at a good price you could get it and use it for whatever of summer is left, and then next year! Where I am there's barely a winter so its mostly summer outfits and accessories.
  7. I would wear the white in both summer and winter. With a nice white scarf in winter? Or skivvy peaking out from under the jacket?