Shade of Red

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  1. Does Prada have only one shade of red? Or Prada offer more shades of red?
    What type of red is this key holder?
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  2. Prada has tons of options in shades of red, at least over each new season. Some are more candy apple red, some more orange-red some more pink-red. As to your key holder, it looks like you bought it at Prada, so it will say on your authenticity card which color it is. I can't tell from an online photo because monitors vary in color representation.
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  3. I found the color name, Fuoco.
    It sound like Fuoco is like a good shade of red. I personally want to research more about Prada offering of Red colors.

    I inquired about custom order, I really eyeing on a Prada backpack in Daino leather. But the problem is it comes in black and white only. And I don’t like the size. It small for a a guy. But I think a red shade is perfect and I would hope I can get a okay for a larger size especially.
  4. "Fuoco" is Italian for fire, so there's your color reference. Fuoco is a bit of an orange-red.

    I don't think Prada does custom work for individuals. I really don't know, though. No one's ever mentioned it that I've seen. Obviously LV, Hermes, Chanel and probably Gucci will customize items, but I have no idea about Prada. Doubtful would be my guess.
  5. I was told by the SA that helped me on the Sunday, Prada does allow special order. That when I emailed back the SA to inquire about the backpack. I haven’t gotten a word back yet. I’ll give her a day and if I don't hear anything I will do a follow up update about it.

    I personally haven’t had success of inquiring special orders from LV which is quite irritating!
  6. Let me know what they say. As I said, no one's around here has ever mentioned Prada doing custom work but that doesn't mean they don't. The scary thing to me would be the cost. Prada's off the chain with their stock item prices. I can't imagine what a custom red saffiano backpack would cost. :eek:
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  7. I was told there would be a 20% upcharge on custom orders. ☺️

    I inquired to special order this one:
  8. I've seen a saffy tote that was customised by Prada. And do you remember that they were putting initials on some bags some years ago??? Or is that my imagination
  9. I honestly don't remember ever seeing any custom work by Prada. Doesn't mean they don't though. I know you can get LV items monogrammed and Hermes of course does custom work, but those are the only two that I know for sure will customize. Maybe someone else can chime in on this. I'm curious now!