Sh*t profits on Ebay.

  1. So im selling a Hayden Harnett Ana bag in Plum. I get my first offer in days for..........10 dollars!Y&*(^*&^) WTF

    My other items have lots of watchers and no action and I am steaming mad!

    What happened to the eBay of yesterday, where bidding was off the charts, profits were more than feasible, and things actually sold!?
  2. eBay is fickle!! I think people are on vacations and just not sitting by the computer because its nice out.

    But I had a bag that didnt sell the first time around, then 2nd time around I had lots of bids and it went for an extra $70. So there is just no rhyme or reason to eBay.
  3. well someone just made a killing on a pewter Bbag that went for $2500+. Holy sh*t!
  4. I think things pick up on ebay at certain times of the year. Fall will be busier
  5. Geez that's horrible. That's why I don't do best offer things, a lot of the time they're a waste of time.
  6. I sold a bunch of bags and accessories last week and actually made a few bucks after ebay and paypal fees. Luckily most of them paid by check and money order, so that helped.

    I listed 6 more things this morning, all with the offers option, so we'll see. It comes and goes. By the time I list stuff when cleaning out closets I dont mind taking a loss.

    Its been a long time since I actually listed to make a profit.
  7. it so depends. i have a bag i sold tonight that i think i listed 2 or three times and never hit the reserve. finally tonight it did and the buyer already paid. most of the time i win but sometimes i lose. right now i'm listing some stuff at a loss just to get it out of my house... all evens out in the end (i hope)
  8. I'm a full time seller on Ebay and summer sucks! I sell vintage clothing and only the cream of the crop (Dorothy O'Haras, Ceil Chapmans, etc) get decent money in the summer.

    Good time to buy though! And fall is crazy busy.
  9. my 300 dollar offer on my 950 dollar mj stam...gotta love it.
  10. Agree with Luv2BuyBags, my friend has 2nd shop here and the similiar thing happen to her business...
  11. Same with my friend. $300 offer for her $1250 LV :blah: looks they max they can reach for this summer is around $300 only ;) hope summer will end soon... Ppl will buy much near winter

  12. its the time of year, it always happens, things will pick back up in the fall

    I know how you feel though, I'll never forget the dead serious offer a girl gave me saying "since you haven't had any bids in 2 days, will you take $10?". The item was an $1100 Michael Kors bag that was used once! It ended up selling just fine later on. THE NERVE of these people, I know ebay is good for a good deal, but not 99% off!
  13. I can't believe she lost her brain to ask such that dumb question :wtf::wtf: Did she think if it's unsold in the price you expect, you'll prefer to keep it for yourself? Just note, even for the fake one, she can't find for such her price... :rolleyes:

  14. I hate it is so hard to sell these days without all these people making unreasonable offers!!!
  15. well... if you've been paying attention to the health of the economy in the news, you would know that most retailers have been in the decline as well. people don't want to shop when new of terrorism looms, or gas prices are ridiculously expensive... i don't think people are shopping as much. i know i'm not. hopefully it will improve when the democrats take control of the office.