Sh*t f*ck! I'm drunk!

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  1. Let's piost about it....

    Awww, yeah. I'm gonna have some relations with the female species...
  2. Show me the way to go home . . .
  3. the weekend isn't even here yet.. lol.
  4. *grabs car keys from Charles*

    You aint driving tonight! Lets chat over a nice bottle of mineral water and sober up ya? Be careful not to pass out im sure there are plenty of members here with razors ready to shave those brows!
  5. Let's write things on him!
  6. ^ Caitlin I just saw the title of the thread with your name from the main page, so I was like "Daaayum, Caitlin IS drunk!! :shocked:"

    Charles-- Go take a cold shower. Try not to drown :p
  7. No, I'm not drunk. Charles is drunk.

    If you notice my posts still have perfect spelling and grammar. And I can say things like indubitably without slurring my speech.
  8. Thursday nite partying!!! Ok back to the drinks.

    Have a great nite everyone! I'll have hell to pay tomorrow at work.
  9. This thread is worthless without pics.
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao: I agree, c'mon Charles, let's get some pics rolling here, haha.
  11. Hahaha, he´s drunk !!! drunk typing is dangerous !!!! you come back to tPF the day after and you´re:wtf:....
    it´s 11.15 am and I am at work, can´t wait for the week end...
  12. so charles, whatcha wearing?
  13. did he pass out ? :nuts:
  14. Yep, give us some :coolpics:

  15. what a tease!!! posting about being drunk and then not following up with hilarious grammar mistakes, strange cursing like "fiddle forks", and no odd stories? :push:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.