sh outlet UPS vs. USPS

  1. I came home today and found a UPS label; I had no idea as all my packages before came USPS from SH is this a new policy? I won't be able to order any more if it is UPS as my building's intercom doesn't work and I don't trust a package left out whatsoever!
  2. All the one's I've ordered since July have come from UPS. It's a bugger bc it requires signature, so I have it shipped to work.
  3. great. that sucks.

    the super here hates doing any work.

    looks like i'm going to have to have it shipped to somewhere else or get a po box.

    FLAT RATE USPS would be cheaper i think?
  4. i've always gotten mine shipped with UPS. never had signature required though. they've ALWAYS left it on the front porch but i guess that's to my advantage most of the time so they don't have to come back and re-deliver when nobody answers the door.

    depending on the size of the bag.. flat rate box is about 8.95 too i believe, and flat rate envelope would be 4.60 but hardly anything fits in there.

    that's one of the reasons why i love pulse. it's always USPS priority in a box & i've never had to pay for shipping :smile:
  5. I was under the impression that SH *only* shipped UPS. I've ordered from there several times and never had them sent USPS. But UPS has never required a signature unless I order A LOT totaling like over $300, which I've only done once.
  6. I think they do only ship through UPS...but yeahh mine doesn't have signature confirmation, just a regular confirmation that it got there...USPS would be cheaper, but yeahhh...
  7. any other package i received in the past came i dunno.
  8. oh that's weird. my first package came ups and requires a signature and I had talked to like a million ups customer serv reps and they said I had to sign for it. I ended up going to the UPS station to pick it up. The second package came and I left a note for UPS to pleeze leave on porch and they did. Maybe I'm just nuts! :nuts:
  9. The two items I've ordered from the SH outlet have both come UPS... The first one, the Inferno MM, required a signature because it was right around the time one of the other girls (I can't remember who) had a big problem of not receiving her BIG purchase. The second, the Inferno denaro, didn't require a signature.
  10. This is weird...I've ordered a million things from SH and I've never had to sign for any of it, even the big orders...Plus it all comes UPS. Are you sure it came USPS? :confused1::confused1: How could that be??
  11. huh, I dunos but my SH came by UPS today!!!
  12. LOL dont even get me started about UPS!! I love SH and all but I HATE HATE HATE UPS with a passion! They USED TO leave me a note telling me they'll return the next day around the same time for me to receive my package (aren't they SUPPOSED to??) Then I ordered 4 bags from SH and UPS decided to leave it in front of my door! I live in an apartment building (small one) so its not hard for someone to steal the package with $400+ worth of tokis in it! :cursing: The next time I ordered something from SH, I left a note on the door telling the UPS man to return the next day and not leave the package there. Guess what. THEY FREAKIN' LEFT IT THERE :mad:

    I'm never going to send something by UPS.. only USPS for me! Cheaper too..
  13. I've only had UPS deliveries and lucky for me (or unlucky if someone steals it) even though they leave it at my door my apt is in the corner so no one sees stuff. Plus I have roommates that come in and out pretty regularly so they'll bring the package in if they see it :smile: I really do hate how they treat some stuff though. Actually the last time I ordered something they stuck it under the front door rug! I mean it was protected from view but I'm pretty sure someone would've stepped on it :push:
  14. i guess i could be wrong but the last place i lived, in ohio the driver of UPS wouldn't leave packages ever, so I assumed I guess that all my SH came USPS. Now that I moved to Chicago i'm getting the signature required will not leave run-around, which sucks for me as my intercom doesn't work...grr.

    I even asked my roommate she swore it was USPS...who knows!
  15. When I ordered from SH last week I asked and she said they only ship UPS. I prefer USPS too, but oh well.