SH outlet [needs more info]

  1. Hi! I'm new & I'm extremely confused :p can you guys tell me how ordering from SH outlet works? I wanna buy some tokidoki bags (inferno and adios) but Macy's didnt have the one i wanted and I think eBay is kind of a ripoff on some of them >_<;

    Please and thank you! :heart:

    I'd like to know things like:
    - how to order from them
    - how much is shipping
    - what kind of payment they accept
    - scale of 1-10 how trustworthy are they and what was your experience like purchasing from them
    - things like that ^__^ thanks again!
  2. Ordering from the outlet is really pretty easy.

    You just have to call the outlet and request for a chargesend order.

    Seattle, South Hampton and Woodbury accept credit cards and the one in Hawaii accepts Money Order only.

    I am not terribly obsessed with print placement but the two times I ordered from them, I generally got what I wanted except of course for the Paradiso Zucca. I didn't like that it didn't come with its original tag and the qee was unwrapped.

    The SAs are helpful (except Woodbury! R*U*D*E*!!!) and will try to help you with your order/print placement easily. I read somewhere from the forum though that Seattle SAs may no longer assist with print placement. I don't have the full story.

    Depending on your location, shipping is swift and packed securely. I'd give shopping over the phone at the outlet an 8 out of 10!

    Hope this helps and happy shopping!
  3. pinkpeony: the SAs at woodbury are VERY rude..i went there last saturday and i was soo annoyed.. there was only one that really helped me
  4. I was planning on calling southampton because lots of people said they were extremely helpful o.o and its relatively cheaper too~ i just wanted to make sure its safe buying from them because i live on the other side of the US

    btw is there a website with the complete print so we can see everything? or do u guys just see them on bags?
  5. Yes, indeed they are. HORRIBLE! They were rude even when they're on the phone with you. I was accused of holding the line at the register because I asked them too many questions. How's that for SERVICE???
  6. Someone told me that woodbury doesnt do print placements anymore cuz it takes too much time...can anyone confirm?
  7. Unfortunately, there is not one website that documents all the bag with their separate print placement. I think that would be a really tedious job too since the factory basically manufacture thousands of bags with different print placement!
  8. CONFIRMED!! If you call them when they're **BUSY**, no chargesend either!
  9. PLEASe i was in there for awhile and they kept staring at me and whispering bc i had like 6 bags in my hands, then they were unwrapping new ones and like hiding them behind the register..on top of things the place was mobbed...finally i was fed up and i was like CAN I SEE THOSE BC IM LOOKING FOR A CERTAIN CHARACTER..and good thing i did bc i got the zucca i wanted
    lol anyway..

    xkaokaox: if you live on the other side of the US you might consider the seattle outlet...when i called they were very helpful and it also may be less shipping for you
  10. isnt SH in NY? i live in california...

    i heard the people at SH are nice, should i call them? becuase i really want an inferno bag with the demon oven :heart:
  11. Wow, those are horrible stories!
  12. Yes, SH is in New York. It really depends on who you talk to. Some reported that a certain SA is incredibly helpful and some dislike the same SA for being unhelpful! LOL! If you are interested in the Inferno print, I'd say call as soon as they open since I am sure they're running low on the print. Inferno is becoming mighty popular now ..
  13. yes its south hampton.. it depends who you get.. ive had good experiences with seattle you can try there as well
  14. lol i know
  15. pixie_dust : Sorry to hear abt your horrible experience! I live in the city and after hearing them on the phone, I can't be bothered going down there myself.