SH order!

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  1. That was brutal, but worth it.

    Adios Star Zucca
    Inferno Ciao
    Camo Olive Bella Bella!

    I am officially on hiatus until September, I get a job in Chicago, or any b-day gifts. I really must not buy anything.

    That brings my count to 14 bags, 2 denaro's 1 portatelefono, and 1 caramella.
  2. oooh congrats on your latest purchases socprof!!! Those were some nice bags you just ordered!! :biggrin:
  3. Haha, so much for my ban - I'm getting a pirata bambinone from SH once my credit card bill clears :p
  4. Cant wait to see pics Dawn! I thought I was on a ban too, cuz Im broke broke, but I ended up getting a shirt and a canguro last night! Toki is draining me dry too!