SH Inferno Stock

  1. Does anyone know what Southampton has left in terms of inferno? I'd e-mail, but I've sent like five trillion e-mails in like... the past few weeks, and I'm kind of embarassed to send another. Thanks for your help! :yahoo:
  2. Yess thank you!! :biggrin:
  3. ^__^ yeahh you're welcome...I remember seeing that a few days ago lol.
  4. Now the question is... should I break my summer ban or not... :graucho: UGGH!! hahah
  5. I am a disabler - do not break your ban. BE STRONG!!!! haha.
  6. YES I am glad that you are here hahahaha!!!
  7. it's only one more bag...... :graucho:

    lol. jk. if u don't need it, don't get it.
    (wish i could follow my own advice!) :lol:
  8. I am being a disabler because I need to disable myself as well hahahhaha. I told myself I would not buy anything until Trasporto..well no bags at least.
  9. Dancing Nancieswell, your signature doesn't list anything in inferno, so, what if you don't and then regret it later? !!! :yes:

    Jessaka that just means you need more shirts & jewelry, right? :yes:

  10. ^hahah, trying to enable me!! noooooooooooo evil!!! haha. no no i am trying to stay away from shirts because I already have 10+ the one I gave to my mom....and that's like $35 each or $44+shipping!!!! GRR. LOL. Plus, those things fade. Ohhhhhhhhh and no more jewelry for me...those things tarnish and I didn't even use my bracelet that much!!!
  11. You really really really need it! :tup: I love inferno :love:
  12. they fade? :wtf: for $35+ each? ouchy
  13. Yes, the print on the shirts fade...and the jewelry tarnishes haha.
  14. gosh u must wear your tops and jewellery every single day! maybe u could try drying ur shirts not in direct sunlight? (although it may prove rather difficult in hawaii!)