SGH Violet anywhere??

  1. my sis is moving away for good :sad: i want to get her a violet sgh bag but everywhere i keep hearing its sold out!! does anyone know where i can find one? or two because i want one myself..preferably the work or brief
  2. There's a violet sgh city on eBay now
  3. I would call your local Neimans and have them search their nationwide inventory for one i am sure they have the bag you want somewhere!
  4. the city is too small...she doesnt like it..and unfortunately ive tried Neimans, Saks, bal nyc, barneys..ooof
  5. Did you try calling Neiman's in Houston? They had a SGH violet day a couple of days ago.
  6. neimans in austin also has a SGH violet work today. and one other style, i don't remember.
  7. NM White Plains (NY) has the Violet SGH Work as well as the Brief (also SGH) as of Friday 9/14. Hope you find one soon!
  8. Last Wed. I went to NM in Houston and there was a SGH Work and SGH Day.