SGH tomato Day seen today!!!

  1. Today, I saw an sgh tomato Day for sale in Zurich. It had beautiful saturated leather, not very veiny, it looked like mine :love:

    Here's the info: Trois Pommes Zürich, 0041 (0)43 497 20 60. I don't know if they ship international but why not give them a try!!

    Good luck!!! :tup:
  2. south-of-france, you are a MAGNET for this bag, how do you do it? Actually, who cares how, we're just glad you do!!

    Who's gonna get it? Cuz I want to stalk yours too :ninja:
  3. ^LOL! I hope someone from the tPF family get her! The price was retail, around $1300 I think!
  4. OMG I love that bag! Wish I could still find one in the US.....
  5. ^^ I found one last week at BalNY ;)
  6. :blink: No way!! I've been calling them for a week looking for a Tomato day and they told me they didn't have anything.... (recently got a Tomato Day that came off a hold) *will call again today
  7. Congrats ladybugfreckle! :tup:

    The one in Zurich looked beautiful :tender: