SGH Coin Purse Sightings???

  1. Just wondering if any one has seen any BLACK SGH Coin Purses in Southern California??? I couldn't find one in Hong Kong when I was on vacation so now I'm searching in CA. Thanks in advance!
  2. I think this should be mouved to the shopping forum.
  3. Anyone please???
  4. Bump bump bump please!!!
  5. try Barneys beverly hills.. bal ny has it. call them? they ship!
  6. I went to Barneys BH last week and didn't see them. :crybaby:Are you sure Bal NY has it? I called the other day and no such luck...I'm in desperate NEED of it!!!
  7. hmm- try calling Bal Paris then- I had too when I was searching for something Violet. (which they didn't have anyways b/c of the waiting lists)
  8. A lot of the retail shops like Barneys, Saks and Neimans keep a good deal of their stock HIDDEN in the back room. You'll need to ask an SA for assistance to see everything they are holding.

    Sometimes they will put most items out but it seems to be an exception rather than the rule. Good luck!
  9. Does anyone happen to have the number for Bal Paris??? Thanks in advance!
  10. i'm pretty sure i saw it i think they just got their stock of GSH coin purses in.. i saw a really pretty ocean with gsh!
  11. Maybe I'll try calling again...I called last week and they mentioned the Ocean one, but they said they were sold out of Black GSH and weren't going to be getting anymore in. :sad: