SFAM men's jeans

  1. I've been looking for premium jeans for the bf and I thought I found the perfect deal- $31 at TJ Maxx for bootcuts. I'm not sure of the wash, but it was exactly what I was looking for and in size 31. The problem? He tried it on and could fit our cat through the waistband? He's probably closer to a 30 anyway, but do SFAM run that large?

    The women's seem pretty TTS to me, so does this mean it's a fake? It looked authentic as far as I could tell with the right font/markings, wash.
  2. IMO, the sizing on 7's all depends on the cut. I've bought my BF several pairs of 7's (bootcut & relaxed); The relaxed jeans have been tts, however, in the bootcut style he's had to go up a size b/c the jeans tend to be tight in the thigh area.
  3. It totally depends on the cut and the wash IMO...