SFA NY Stock

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  1. Non-sale items. These were what I saw today.

    Stock at S5A NY
    Medium Diagonal CC Tote
    Bowling bag in Medium (Black, Gold)
    Cruise Collection baby cabas (Khaki, Black)
    Perforated Tote
    Patent Classic Flaps
    Luxury Ligne tote (metallic brown/copper and black)
    Graffiti collection classic flap
    Grand Central Station collection Nylon Tote and Jersey Flap bag
    Ultimate soft in Beige/Caramel $1475 (not sure what size)
    Jumbo Classic Flap in Black with gold h/w and silver h/w, Taupe Lambskin
    Reissue 255 in Gold
  2. What?! A khaki baby Cabas without a wait list?!
  3. ^^omg, someone grab that khaki!! :smile: