SFA NY New Shoe Salon 10022-SHOE

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  1. Today was the premiere of the new shoe salon on the 8th floor of SFA in NYC. It is a very beautiful modern looking space, there is a spectacular glass bubble fixture that adorns the entire room. And the flower arrangements were very special, I am not sure if the flowers will continue or if that was just an added touch for the grand opening. There were lots of handsome waiters offering water, lemonade and champagne. I must say that I was pleasantly suprised by the new designers that they are carrying, brands that I have never heard of before but think I will soon be wearing. It was kind of a mad house there today because there were tons of customers, and so many new SAs. It was funny because I also stopped by Bergdorfs and Barneys earlier in the day, and their shoe departments were eerily quiet for a Friday afternoon, when there are generally lots of tourists shopping. I didn't end up buying anything because I am going to wait until next Thursday for the next EGC event but I did get a sheet of stamps. I will take some photos later and post them here. It's certainly worth a visit.
  2. wow, I cant wait to check it out!:drool:
  3. I stopped by yesterday not too long before the store closed. I was well-impressed at how open and light the whole space felt. It truly is a night and day transformation as compared to their older cramped space. I spent the time browsing just to take in all their new shoes before I decide on what I should get.

    I was most-impressed by how many CL styles Saks now carries, and that it has a large section of its new floor devoted to his styles. Just over a year ago, Saks only carried one display table of his shoes.
  4. Stinam - I agree, great Louboutin collection. I love that all the stores carry such diverse collections, I've heard that Mr. Louboutin tries to keep a variety of shoes exclusive to department stores and other exclusive to the boutique. I was there again this morning, I love this place.
  5. Can't wait for my next trip to NYC. I wonder if they will off any on-site sevices (since it is such a huge space devoted to shoes).
  6. Yeah, designers vary the selection at what is in their boutiques and what is at dept. stores.
  7. I am planning a trip to New York next May and I have already added this to my places to visit.
  8. I heard the same from my SFA SA as well. I like that the boutiques offer exclusive colors or styles. Some of my favorite CLs are styles in a fabrication unique to the boutiques.

    I can't wait to stop by the 8th Floor again. There was such a large selection that I just couldn't decide what, if anything, I would next add to my collection. Even though I pored through all their different styles, I suspect I will invariably get another pair of CLs.
  9. Stinam - if you decide to buy, wait until Thursday the 23rd because Saks is doing an EGC event. I will be there at 10:00 am on Thursday meeting my drug dealer...ur I mean SA. :nuts:

    Here are photos of the limited edition stamps that are offering, you can also get these through saks.com if you order a pair of shoes with the promo code "shoes". But through saks.com, you only get half a sheet of stamps but at least they are free. These cost $15 but I am thinking that maybe they will be worth something one day? Wishful thinking I guess.
    PICT0001.JPG PICT0003.JPG
  10. Wow, those stamps are so pretty!
  11. LOL!

    ARG! I so wish there were a CL boutique near me! :crybaby:
    I guess I'll have to stick with purchasing online only.