SF Today

  1. Hi Everyone!
    Just got back from SF. Saw the Potiron Kelly. It was really pretty but the 35 was pretty big. I was totally underwhelmed by their customer service today. I was supposed to meet my SA there at 11 to take a look. (I was seriously contemplating being bad and just buying the Kelly!) He showed up at 11:30 with his lunch. After about 10 minutes he brought the Kelly out to me. Really gorgeous but I realized I have my heart set on a Togo 28cm. The 35 was really big and the 30 Potamos they had looked better on me. The SA said well, the 35 is better for someone of your size...I mean height. :wtf:Whatever! He wasn't very nice today yet when I went to Goyard and LV they were SO nice. So I didn't feel too bad about not getting it from him. I'm going to wait for the perfect one for me.
    Anyway, they didn't have too many different bags from my last report except I saw a lady trying on 2 birkins that were in the back room. There was a red (rouge vif I think) and a black. I couldn't get a very good look because they were kind of hiding them in a corner but they looked to be 35s.
    I did end up getting a new pocket square and a Twilly! I'll post pics in a little bit cause I have to go make dinner.
    Oh, and the Herbag has been discontinued and pulled from inventory. :sad: So I never got to see it...Darn should have gotten it last week!!!!
    I fell in love with a bag at Goyard so I think I might cheat on Hermes for a little bit! :lol:Plus their SA's are so super nice. :flowers:
  2. I am sorry to hear how you were treated. Hermes SAs can be quite rude when the mood strikes them ...... disgraceful! Their quality of customer service should match the quality of their bags.
  3. wait, what, huh? herbag discontinued??? that MUST be misinformation. must.
  4. I had heard that about the Herbag too but I just thought it was a rumor. I wanted to get one. Oh well. Sorry about your day, I am sure it will be better next time. I am excited to see your new pocket square and twilly, I am sure they are beautiful.

    What Goyard are you thinking of getting?? I have a St. Louis PM tote, it is very nice.
  5. They said it was discontinued and there was no way I could get one. :crybaby: But then DH called his SA at another H and she said that it was discontinued but she might be able to get one. At least she would try. She said they are coming out with a new Herbag? It's so hard to get a straight answer about stuff it just frustrated me. I know that's how Hermes is and you gotta play the game but after today I am just gonna quit playing for a while I think. (Well, except for scarves...:whistle: Can't stop buying scarves! :lol: )
  6. I have never been able to figure out the SA at Hermes. Hot and cold. Am I too demanding to think that if you are spending that kind of money on a bag, they should be nice? We need that poor girl from the Japanese boutique over here to give them lessons!
  7. for a while???
    you mean until winter, right?
  8. okay, but we can't send her home without making a gift to her of a purse-size can of mace!
  9. Uh, no. It has been discontinued.
  10. That's a thought. Give a a voodoo doll of that guy so she can stick pins in it.:yes:
  11. Why do you want a herbag? Too much trouble changing out the bag part. Need an engineering degree for it.
  12. I fell in love witht he Herbag after seeing Kristie's. Hopefully the new one (if there is a new one?) will be as cute!

    Dianagrace, I am in love with Goyard's new bag. It is kind of a Kelly shape but it is the chevron fabric and leather and it has a wood handle and wood trim...ok it sounds weird but it is really cute!!! It's elegant but casual and fun. They won't have them in until September. So I have some time to save up. Plus DH is happy because it's only about $2,400. :lol:
  13. gosh, that sucks. sorry your treatment wasn't up to par. at least you got better service elsewhere. btw, i love goyard - perfect for tropical weather.
  14. wow, that is total news to me. there was a whole thread on herbags yesterday and no one mentioned that they were discontinued.
    here one minute, gone the next.
  15. Thanks HL! :flowers: I'm just going to chalk it up to the heat...but definitely work with another SA from now on. :lol: He also said there was no Kelly in a 25cm. :wtf: Only 28cm. :rolleyes:
    I'm just going to work on my collection of scarves for a while. They are easy...just point to one in the case and buy it. :lol:

    I know HiHeels I was all set to buy one today. Even called yesterday and they said they had one and today they said no they are discontinued. I felt like saying why didn't you tell me yesterday? GRRRRR