SF stores with chanel bags

  1. Hi everyone! I need help on stores to visit to get my first chanel bag. Im leaving for San Francisco California and id like to ask fellow members where is a good place to get my first chanel bag. Help please!:yes:
  2. Just head to Union Square. (I'm sure that is where you'll want to head because all the dept and high-end stores are within that 1/2 mi radius.
    The Chanel store in Union Square has bags out for display, but you'll have to ask an SA for any other bags not on the floor. Then, right across the street is Neiman Marcus - which also has a Chanel boutique. Saks doesn't have Chanel so don't bother.
  3. thanks cant wait for my trip, saving every penny :yahoo:
  4. I just got my first Chanel handbag in SF too:yahoo:
    If you live in a place with no Chanel boutique and if you are buying a lot then you may ask them to a shipping instead of paying a lot of tax and carrying a huge box with you. :smile: shipping is only $25.... that's what i did and save about $200 California tax :yes: