SF Sale this weekend (?!)

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  1. My SA called me to tell me the sale starts this weekend! I didn't see a thread on it at all, so I thought I'd post it. He also told me to come on in on Thursday, as the store is going to be open normal hours but, will have the sale stuff out.

    So, if anyone is in the SF area, stop by "H" tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.

    It's usually just RTW stuff but, I always go, in the hopes of finding something AWESOME (I can't wear the RTW tho...more for you guys!)
  2. Just wondering if H would ship to another state if paying over the phone. Does anyone know??
  3. Do they have wallets on sale? Did you spot any SS09 new color like Ciel? :nuts:
  4. I called the store about a pair of Kelly shoes like the ones A-T-G found at the sale, and the young man I talked to couldn't have been nicer. They didn't have my size, but he checked to see who else might, and even called the store for me.....very nice, indeed.

    I'd suggest if you call, ask for Paul. :smile:

  5. It's mostly clothes and shoes at the SF store. They had gloves but, not the leather ones and some hats. The hats were pretty cool--mostly mens hats. I really loved them and debated on them for a bit!

    No leather goods or scarves. Apparently, those things are sent to the Beverly Hills store for their big sale in February.
  6. AW! CG! Sorry they didn't have your size. I have found that the SA's at SF are very sweet.

  7. paul is my sa too. indeed very nice, though i am all the way on the other coast...