SF Saks presale and stam info

  1. My mom and I stopped by the SF Saks today to exchange the perforated flap bag for the last medium chevron in stock--a few of the MJ bags are on presale for 40% off and the sale starts May 31! the SA agreed to ship for free and for now I can't find any pictures of the bag online to share. some interesting stam info: I asked whether any stams were in stock and the SA told me they were ALL recalled due to problems with the kiss locks! I'm sure that abaglover returned her taupe stam to the same Saks--I wonder what's up! The quilted Ursula bowlers and hobos were on presale--lots of quilted patent leather bags on presale. OT, does anyone know what is currently in stock at the Boston MJ? I did not stop by the SF MJ today.
  2. Wow, that's surprising since I thought they addressed and fixed the kiss-lock problem. Abaglover returned an old (I'm sure used) 05 bag which had the old lock but I'd be really surprised if the new ones have the same problem. I know my Bronze didn't. Hmmmm!!

    My Saks SA told me about the sale but I just don't think there's anything I want! =(

    So did you get the Chevron? I love that bag!
  3. Uhkiwi: Chevron's for you? If yes, big congrats! =) Which color?

    Thanks for the info on Saks SF, will call about quilted Ursula (I love this line).

    I'm very surprised to hear about stam being recalled! I hope it's for a certain bad batch only, current owners will get freaked out. Crossing fingers for everyone..

    I replied to your post about MJ store in that thread.
  4. the ursula bowlers are on sale?! does anyone know that for sure? wut about the quilter bowler in regular calfskin? thanks!
  5. Hmmm, I might have to call the SF Saks and see about those quilted bowlers. I liked the midnight patent one. Hmmm, wonder if they have the small size. Thanks for the information. :smile:
  6. yup, on sale. i grabbed a chalk one. 30% off at nordstrom who says they're price matching saks
  7. does anyone know if the regular bowlers were on sale? the non-patent ones?

    monotreme, can you tell me which nordies you called? thanks so much!
  8. Only the patent bowlers are on sale at Saks & NM. And they only have the lime green ones left here in San Francisco.
  9. I was just at Nordstrom earlier this evening and was eyeing the patent/ursula bowler. I was trying to get them to price match the Saks sale. They called the Saks in Costa Mesa, CA who said that the bowler was NOT part of the sale? Are different Saks putting different things on sale? If so, which Saks have the bowler on sale? I ended up buying the bowler hoping I can get a price adjustment later.

    Didn't know that NM also had the ursula bowler on sale too? I was just there this past weekend. When does the sale start?

  10. The Ursula is on pre-sale with NM, just got a call. Just FYI
  11. aw man, i wanted to get a stam. :sad: Man, ive heard so many complaints about them...heavy and problems with the lock.
  12. According to several Saks (BH location & others), the discounted Bowlers are Patent Midnight and Patent Lobster ONLY! SAs said Patent Chalk rings up at regular price.

    If for some reason (price mistake??), you are able to get it at a discounted price, maybe, you should keep it. =)