SF Re-opening

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  1. How many of us will be at the re-opening of the SF Union Square LV on Nov. 10th? :yahoo:
    We should have a Bay Area LV tPF meeting. :nuts:
  2. Why was it closed?
  3. They're remodelling the store. It's still open...just in the basement while the rebuild. :flowers:
  4. I haven't been to Union Square in so long...I had no idea they were remodeling!
  5. LOL me either!
  6. yup yup! Crochetbella! I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for them to reopen the SF store...they've been remodeling for so long now, that I can't wait! If in fact there is a tPF meeting there on Nov 10th...I will def be there!! My SA told me that they will be selling some special items to celebrate the grand reopening...she wasn't sure what they were yet, but I'm excited to find out!! keep me updated!!!:nuts:
  7. Yah, Hazel from the SF store called me last week and invited me to the grand opening. Not sure I'm going though.
  8. oh sweet..... i should go!:heart:
  9. If I'm not busy on the 10th, I'm going to pop by the store to check it out.
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