SF pictures - lucite trunk and eye

  1. Store window at LV San Francisco Union Square just before X-Mas 2006

    The clear lucite LV trunks were in the window...




  2. is that a silver keep all i see? wow... that thing is SHINY!!!

    :supacool: needed to bust out my shades!
  3. Yes - it was a keepall. My pics aren't that great.... the LV security guards were standing inside near the front door entrance and it was about 5 minutes before they opened the doors. I wasn't sure if they would get mad if they knew I was taking pics of the display windows.
  4. thanks for the pics and risking your life for the sake of fashion ! haha :biggrin: !
  5. Thanks for sharing!!
  6. Thanks for sharing. I didn't think in SF that the security guards would take offense to the pics. I've seen lots of tourist take pics before and never had problems. Of course this was as I was walking into the boutique.
  7. Thanks for shareing.
  8. I love the trunks. There's a few VIP gifts of them. I wish I got one.
  9. Lovely display - I wonder what they do with that stuff when they're done with it?
  10. I dont mean to hijack your post, but when I was in Paris in 2005, the LV store on the Champs Elysees was being remodeled or something, and it provided the cutest photo op...
    LV Paris.jpg
  11. are they closed today?
  12. I know those are adorable! Like the one with the dominoes :love:

    Anyway great pics!!
  13. Too cute! Thanks for sharing with us!
  14. Cool picture!!!
  15. may I ask what's it made of???? plexiglass, glass, plastic? lol