SF Macy*s "Take Me Home For the Holiday" Animal Display!!!

  1. Macy*s Union Square SF is having their annual puppy/kitten window display!!

    I remember this event from last year and I spent so much time just watching the little dogs play with each other and the cats lounging around, it's truly a great display to have. They also have SPCA workers standing around to accept donations and I'm a suckkkker for animals.

    Information from the macy*s website
    Take me Home for the Holidays Animal Adoption Windows
    That's right, it's that time of year again for our annual holiday windows benefiting the San Francisco SPCA. Come visit the adorable dogs and cats available for adoption starting on November 17. Enjoy a scene from ?It?s a Wonderful Nine Lives? and honor some of Hollywood's legendary animal stars on the Walk of Fame. With any animal adoption you'll receive a gift bag filled with samples, treats and valuable certificates from our sponsors: Pet Club, Purina, Safeway, The Hartz Mountain Corporation, VPI Pet Insurance, Frosty Paws® and Ever Clean.
    Stockton and O?Farrell
    street windows

    Nov.17th - Dec.26th! Check it out if you have time!
  2. :smile: i guess i'll take an extra walk around the block

    i :heart: kitties.
  3. ^ hey again! :smile:

    oh man, the kitties are sooo cute! they're just rolled up on the beds or playing with yarn and ahh, i could just stare at the animals for hours!
  4. Ugh we never have anything cool like that in Arizona!!
    SF is such a great city for animals:smile:
  5. its funny you should mention that.

    i keep seeing this guy, in not so great clothing, with a cart of his stuff i'm guessing, around SFC in the morning, specifically around market, sometimes i'd catch him outside the starbucks.

    and he has these two cats....sooooooooo adorable i'd want to pick them up regardless.

    and it's his alright.

    somehow they manage to stay very chubby and cute and healthly.
  6. couturegrl - SF is a great place for animals! actually I've been to most of the shelters around the bay area and the SPCA ones are reallly nice!

    ms-whitney - i know who you're talking about!!!! i saw him the other day while walking to my boyfriend's building, the cats ARE adorable!! one of them was rolled in a blanket! oh and sometimes inbetween macy*s and LV, there's a fat cat laying on the sidewalk with a little bowl next to him, sooo cute!!
  7. they are aren't they?

    the first time i saw them they were without him! close by anyways.

    i really wanted to take one of them home with me. lol. oh wells. obviously they're very well loved.
  8. that sounds adorable! someone go take pics for us not in SF!
  9. Ooh, I totally need to check this out! I hope it doesn't rain this weekend when I'm in SF.
  10. it's rainning now *sniff* soooooo bad b/c i am dragging my laptop around unprotected..well..almost..does my trench count?

    i will take pictures, non flash of course, if they allow, this weekend. :smile: and if i can catch those two cats around...hehe..they're so adorable :heart:
  11. Aww...I wish that I was still close to SF I would have loved to see the display. Even though I probably would have adopted all of the animals :lol:
  12. Everyone crowds the windows every year but the puppies and kitties are all so darn cute!
  13. Lulu - have a great time in SF!! i think you will LOVE these window displays!

    Whitney - I cant wait to see pics! i have to remember to bring my camera, last year I was snapping pics with my camera phone because they were too cute to not get pics of :shame:

    anotheremptysky and lauralee - i'll definitely be posting pics up!

    Christine - oh yea, the crowd is bad! Thankfully for me, the crowd isnt so bad on Thursdays.
  14. Ooohh that sounds awesome! :biggrin: I'd just watch em for hours..I can never seem to leave pet stores..I just want them ALL!!!!! :biggrin: I adore animals
  15. Aww!!! That sounds so cute!!! I would love to see something like that!!