SF just got shipment?

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  1. SA just called and said SF just got a shipment and wanted to let me know they have a Potiron Kelly. He said "it's just what you wanted 32cm, Chevre, silver HW" Unfortunately, I'm looking for a 28cm Togo with Gold HW. :lol: I told him about Mr. Hippo being gold and he said they'd just exchange him but I love him in gold. Dang, I have to turn down another Kelly but it's not my fault if it isn't the right bag, right? :sad:
    Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that they might have some new stuff in? Go Shopmom Go! Wish I could go this afternoon (DH and I were going to go around 2) but he can't leave early today so we're going tomorrow morning. :flowers:
  2. A Potiron Kelly? That must be beautiful!:nuts: Your SA is so nice for calling you up about it:flowers: .
  3. Crochet, def wait till the right bag comes along! It will, I promise :smile:
    If your heart is set in getting a 28 potiron togo kelly with gold hw, then by all means, dont settle for less.
  4. Going to town this afternoon and will give a full report when I get home, Heather! I'll take a look at that baby for you....in Chevre? Yikes! Definately hold out for the bag you want and don't be swayed by what an SA wants to sell you, ok? Your bag will arrive and you know what? You'll either be ready or close enough and it'll be YOURS!!!!
  5. Kou, :yes: I saw it in a 35 last time and it was gorgeous. I just am not a fan of chevre for me...love it on other peoples bags but I'm a squishy Togo or Clemence fan. :lol:

    Thanks Sarah! :flowers:I feel bad saying no cause I appreciate the call but last time I said I only want Togo. :shrugs: He just really wants to talk me into Chevre. :shame:
  6. Thanks D!!!! You are so right...the right one will come along when I'm ready. :yes:
  7. Crochetbella, you're definitely right in turning it down. The perfect bag is out there, it'll show up!
  8. I admire your strength lol!! Isn't there someone here who was looking for something like that though??!!! Have fun D!
  9. Shoes....do NOT encourage me.......
  10. Thanks Kou and Shoes. I think maybe Funny was looking for one but maybe I'm not remembering right?

    Shoes, it's not so much strength as lack of $$$$ :lol: and love of Togo. :love:

    D, let me know if they have any Togo/Clemence Bolides. :graucho:
  11. Awww - CB, this must be hard.......your SA sounds like mine.....they say "just what you like/asked about" when I didn't really, it's just what they HAVE - LOL!!

    I have to admit.......Potiron chevre, 32, pall h/w.....NIIIIIICE COMBO.......don't know if I could turn it down......
  12. ditto..I think it's a NICE combo indeed!! is it sellier? u might fall in :love: if you see it!!:graucho: was nice of SA to called & let you know what he had anyway!:yes: :flowers:
  13. The right bag will come...the right bag will come...the right bag will come!!!
  14. CB: When the time is right your bag will appear.
  15. crochetbella...wait for your togo. I love my 35 black togo Kelly! The chevre is nice too, but the only thing that sways me from chevre is the pattern...sometimes I like no pattern to distract unless it's ostrich or crocodile, of course!