SF Chanel boutique stock!

  1. How exciting to do a stock thread! I haven't been shopping in so long..

    Here's what I saw:
    -black gst, gold hardware
    -black pst, gold hardware
    -large white rock & chain hobo, small black rock&chain hobo
    -rock&chain flap, all three colors (white, black, red)
    -salmon expandable flap
    -naked flaps
    -white flaps (jumbo, medium- both caviar)
    -denim cabas

    They also have the animals jewelry. Earrings and necklace, and maybe the keychain? SO CUTE!!!

    The trunk show is tomorrow, by the way, so maybe I will see some of you ladies there! I will have my baby cabas!! :heart:
  2. Thanks for the update! I'm going to the trunk show today as well; I have my Chloe denim tote today. :p
  3. wow! Maybe it's true tha they ae discontinuing pink!
  4. isnt that salmon expandable bag pink?
  5. I called it pink but the SA corrected me.. :shame: I remember it clearly because I got excited to see SOMETHING pink!
  6. i'm glad you're stil loving the baby cabas, too bad i'm in canaa, otherwise i'd love to go to the trunk shows. :smile:
  7. I'll have my gucci tote! I'm not sure what it's called. See you ladies there!
  8. ahhh i cannot believe i couldnt call off work! let me know whats in stock!!!!
  9. ill be there..ill have my purple jumbo flap.
  10. Aw thank you so so so much again!!! I'm in love with the purse, it's so beautiful! Plus, I had SAs gushing over it at both NM and Chanel. It was amazing!

    Hopefully someone will take pics so even the PFers in Canada can see whats coming up in Fall! I love fall!!!
  11. Just got back from the trunk show, they have tons of jewelry and some bags! Sorry, couldn't take pics!
    They had the dark silver reissue, dark brown reissue, a black patchwork patent/leather flap, modern chain tote, a beige bowling bag (same shape as the luxury ligne bowler) in a diamond stitch lambskin (looks exactly like the cloudy bundle). They didn't have stich croc flap bag though. That's all I remember off the top of my head.
  12. when is this stuff going to be for sale?
  13. ^^ Sometime in June I believe.
  14. Wow is this the first time they did a brown reissue? I definitely will get the dark silver ... I think! Sounds like a nice lineup!:p

  15. I went today and also saw the GST with s/h! I have this bag, but id I didn't I would have snapped it up.

    My SA told me that there IS a sale in June, but it's mostly jewelry and belts, and she didn't think any bags were going on sale.

    If anyone else goes, I'd love to hear your opinions on what you saw - there was nothing there that wowed me.