SF boutique visit coming up soon.....

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  1. BV friends - I'll be visiting the SF BV boutique in about a week and a half. I have no idea if it is a big place, or what to expect regarding inventory.

    Is there anything you want me to look at? I will bring a measuring tape and a little notebook. :yes:
  2. We'll just miss each other--I'll be in SF the week of April 20. I'd love to know if it's large or small, also.

    If you have a chance, can you report on which seasonal colors they are showing there in regular bags (totes and hobos)? The blues and if there are any greens? I like "cemento" in the catalog--I wonder if any stores have it.
  3. J, it is a pretty small store but there is quite a variety of bags, shoes and clothes. The SA's have always been so helpful and kind there in my experience.

    Also, NM's across the street has some nice BV bags right now.
  4. Have fun in SF jburgh!!

    I remember that the boutique was about 1/3 or less of the size of NYC boutique, but had a very nice variety of different items as NW said, and yes the SAs were really good too. I also ran (literally) to NM and Saks to check their BV there.
  5. Oooh - that makes me happy! I desperately need to get away and couldn't stand it any longer yesterday and just went and booked a vacation to NYC in May - my highpoint (and main reason for building the trip around New York) is definitely being able to see the BV boutique!!

    jburgh - have a great trip to SF and looking forward to a report back about the BV selection there!
  6. Just got into SF today but couldn't go into the city because of the massive protest..hopefully I'd be able to drop by BV by Friday to take a look at the bags :smile: