SF Boutique Update (Saw Miroir Pochette)

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  1. If anyone is still looking, I was at the boutique in Union Square yesterday and they had a Silver Miroir Pochette inside the accessories case. I was quite surprised; I thought those were long gone!

    They had Dentelle Speedies, Fersens, and wallets.
    They also had the new LVoe Phone charm and T-shirt. The phone charm is actually quite large! It's bigger than a normal phone charm.

    The LV inside of Bloomingdales had the LVoe Tote in Beige.
  2. !! I want it! Do you know it's retail!?
  3. Hey - did they have the new Hampsteads?
  4. Kelli- I didn't inquire about the price, but I believe other members here purchased their pochettes for $525 plus tax. I'm not 100% sure, so you could call the SF store if you're interested. :smile:

    AbbytheBT- Sorry, I don't remember if I saw those or not. There's soooo much stuff at that store! :shame:
  5. Gosh! I REALLY want it!
  6. go for it!!! :graucho:
  7. Wow, I'm surprised about the pochette! That's kind of exciting lol.
  8. That's awesome- I didn't know they had any pochettes left!
  9. If only it was in Australia!
  10. I know, I had to do a double-take when I saw that Pochette in the case! :yes:

    I remember some members here were still looking for the Miroir Pochette, so I thought I'd post it.