SF Bloomies has 15% off Chloe on Wednesday

  1. I was at San Francisco Bloomingdales today and they were presaling for an event this Wednesday that they are giving 15% off including Chloe (Dior, Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton excluded). Call Robert with any questions.
  2. what bags did they have:smile:
  3. They had the new paddington capsule in black. Some medium paddies in black and elephant. A couple quilted Bays and an Elvire satchel.
  4. :nuts:this is going to KILL me and my bloomies CC!:heart: Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Does this apply to non-sale bags only?
  6. I heard this is only for items that are on sale now.
  7. :sad:Darn I was hoping for one of the new styles. Figures they don't discount the current season until the next season is put out.
  8. Robert told me it applied to regular priced items. If anyone is interested you should call SF Bloomies to confirm.
  9. You are right! I spoke to my SA today and she said it was on Fendi's etc. don't have chloe in the NJ store near me but I assume it includes chloe as well.