SF Bloomies and Gift Cards

  1. I received an early b-day present from my BF's parents in the form of a Bloomies gift card. I am curious if you can use the gift card in the LV Boutique in the SF Bloomie's store?

    Additionally, if the boutique doesn't have an item that I want, can they order it for me or do a phone purchase from the main store on Union Square?

    I would just go to the main store and save myself the headache but I figure why spend my own money when my BF's parents basically have bought the Keepall 55 for me with the Bloomies gift card.

  2. Not sure why you wouldn't be able to use your Bloomies giftcard at the LV boutique inside Bloomingdales...that would be odd if you couldn't....Never heard of that one before?
  3. They actually have to purchase the item from the Main store unlike a transfer. i remember my SA n made arrangement to exchange a bag they had in order to transfer my bag from Neimans across the street. It was fun to watch the bags being taken to and from each store. :p
  4. i was actually wondering the same thing, since i got a bloomies giftcard for christmas...
  5. ^ Yes.. You can use your Bloomies gift cards at the LV counter after all it's still money. Just can't use it at the Main boutique.
  6. Yep! You can! I just used my giftcards on LV! =)
  7. yes you can. i asked for Saks gcs for christmas but now i might change it to bloomies- i haven't gotten them yet
  8. Yea you can. I remember when they had the grand opening, a couple of ladies here used their $25 rewards card on LV.
  9. Which Bloomies in Cali has an LV boutique?
  10. The Bloomingdale's at San francisco's Westfield Shopping center has an LV boutique.
  11. the one that just opened in San Francisco. It's a pretty decent size too :love:
  12. Love that SF Bloomies!! It's huge and has better stuff in it than the Bloomies in So. CA. I just saw the SF store for the first time during December. I'm from the Bay Area originally and go to SF every chance I get when visiting my family up there. Also, love the remodeled Union Square LV store!
  13. Bah. I wish the San Diego one did..then we'd have 3 places in the same mall that sell LV lol.
  14. Yea San Diego or South Coast are the closest for me.. guess I have to dish out my own $$ for the new LV's ... gotta do.. what I gotta do :graucho:
  15. Lol :lol: