Seychelle shoes at Nordstrom

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  1. I know that this is not a high couture brand, but they have the CUTEST style called 'BlackMail'...

    I am anxiously awaiting a phone call from my Nordie's shoe lady bc they had to transfer my size in!

    I am curious if you have had any experiences with this brand...good or bad.

    I am assuming the brand quality is similar to that of Steve Madden??:confused1:
  2. i LOVE seychelles shoes! i have loafers/mocs in like every color. seriously comfy!
  3. ^I am so excited to go and try them on when they arrive (hopefully by Tuesday!!)

    I tried on the 10 in the store, but they were too big...anxiously awaiting my 9.5!!! I hope these work!! :smile:
  4. I found them pretty true to size. but i don't know about the styles other than the mocs. though i have to say i think almost all of their shoes are ADORABLE!
  5. I have a pair of Seychelles which I bought from the website--they are perfectly true to size and feel GREAT!! Enjoy!
  6. Although not all their styles are for me I have found that their shoes are very very comfortable. I wore open toed/open heeled shoes for the last 5 years and finding a pair of comfy closed toe closed heel shoes proved difficult when the time came that I needed a pair! luckily, I found a pair of cute shoes by seychelles at Nordstroms. I had never heard of that brand before but the shoes were comfy and I purchased them. I got them in the "Habit Forming" Style which I found to run a 1/2 size small. The shoes were comfy, the insole was well padded for comfort, the 2" wedge was very wearable, and the bottom was a cushiony rubber material that made walking a dream... most definitely slip free. =)

    My only complaint was that the cushiony soft rubber material that made the shoe bottom a bit tacky so I would not slip also wore very very very quickly. I've never had a pair of shoes where the bottom wore SO quickly. I wore them on and off for the next month and by the end of the month I needed to replace the bottom. =T
  7. I am sooooo excited to try them on!!! I hope they fit!! :smile:
  8. i wore these today:


    i got them on urban's site when they had the additional 25% off sale items.
    the sole is super comfy but the leather is kinda hard.

    oh.. and since it was a sale, i got it the green too

  9. ^Sooooo cute!!

    I just called Nordstroms today...apparently, they were doing invoice or all of the transfers are backed up and delayed.

    They said my shoes might not be in until like the 30th!!

  10. I have a pair of wedges. They feel great for a couple of hours but too much walking and my feet start hurting so bad!
  11. ^uh oh!! I hope mine are more comfy!! They only have a teeny little kitten heel so I will keep my fingers crossed :smile:
  12. but too much walking in ANY shoes hurts..
  13. they have adorable shoes
  14. That's true, but I would think with wedges it would be better. Maybe I'm just a weakling...hahaha. :sweatdrop:
  15. ^^ yeah me too.. i can last longer with wedges. stilettos... unless i'm intoxicated, i'm done in less than an hour.