Sexyyyyyy Pink

  1. I was looking at Elle magazine August edition and came across the sexiest croc printed leather softpink work bag...what is it???? it just stated the chanel 800 number and no name for the bag...I dont have pics but can anyone helppppp?
    Much love xx
  2. Its on page 108 of the me you guys do not want to miss this baby...its the perfect work/school anything number anythingggggg plzzz!
  3. You have any pics of this bag?
  4. No I dont know how to scan...Id really appreciate it if someone could scan page 108 of Elle its really really really divine..I have to have it!
  5. This it? Downloaded the pic. Don't know what it's called etc.....either

  6. Wow, very cute! I am not much help with the name, but BUMP!
  7. Wow I love this!
  8. JBug59!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove you?! Yesss this is it...isnt it the cutest thing ever...makes me wanna hop out of bed and rush of to work everyday...can anyone please furnish us with more info? Its divinityyyyy
  9. I love it.
  10. Infoooooooooooo peoplessssss plzzzzzzzz..
  11. yes it's prett bag!
  12. anything on it????
  13. Anyone?
  14. no idea what it is! but its OH SO HOT
  15. Gorgeous! but I can't help with any info either.