Sexy, Romantic, Trendy Restaurant in SF?

  1. Going to SF at the end of the month and I was looking for a romantic place for me and DH to have a sexy little dinner,:graucho: any suggestions?
  2. I'm a fan of the Equinox at the top of the Hyatt Embarcadero. Amazing views of the city, and it spins! (really good crabcakes, too!)
  3. The Franciscan - in touristy area (Fisherman's Warf) but delicious food and great view of the bay, plus they validate parking in the parking area across the street from them.
    *the espresso creme broulee is yummiriffic*
  4. oh yea, stay away from the Waterfront restaurant. Expensive, small portions, and you can get that food any place else in the city. Its only so-so.
  5. Boulevard is supposed to have excellent food, service, and if you request to be their view side, you'll have a gorgeous view of the bay bridge (I believe)....
  6. I would recommend Acquerello on Sacramento/Polk. It's away from downtown and the restaurant has a romantic vibe and great service. I love the decor.
  7. I definitely recommend Asia de Cuba in the trendy Clift Hotel. Sexy atmosphere, Asian-Latin cuisine, very trendy! Caliente!

    The Redwood Room bar (also in the hotel) is a fabulous place for drinks before or after dinner.
  8. If you're going really high end, you can't beat Aqua, Michael Mina or Fleur de Lys (super romantic, I just went there in July for my birthday). I've been to all of these places and you really can't go wrong with any of them. Make sure to book a reservation now, though -- they fill up quickly.
  9. I second Aqua and add Crush.
  10. I literally live 2 blocks from this restaurant -- I better get myself over there, it sounds yummy!

  11. I came just to post that, I love that place. DH took me for my B-day. I loved the food and everything. I got a little:tispy: beacuse I am not used to drink and it spins!
  12. Boulevard has fabulous food! I second it and Aqua.