Sexy Men In Uniforms !!!

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  1. Before I got married I use to be very partial to men in Uniforms.





    Con Edison :shame:

    A Rugged Construction Worker.

    My favourite were firemen.

    Anyone else ?
  2. I have to admit I :love: men in uniforms, too. It's funny, I either want the good boy in his uniform or the rebelious bad boy.
  3. my hubby is a firefighter. lemme tell ya, those turn outs may LOOK sexy but man do they smell!! the guys actually take pride in how yucky they can make their helmets with smoke and fire gunk! a couple years ago he melted a helmet in a training fire and was so excited! they had a structure fire on sunday and i woke up this morning to bonfire smell on our clean sheets and pillows! for the third day! :smile: kind of takes the sexy allure out of fire uniforms a bit but i love him anyway. :smile:

    i like navy uniforms...but only officers. airforce work uniforms are pretty dreamy too. :smile:
  4. Not really a uniform but I'm very partial to men in suits :biggrin:
  5. yes. suits are very good. better than uniforms i think. i always browse the suit department in high end department stores because the sales staff are so nice to look at. :smile:
  6. umm, i still think my favourite is the fireman - that Nickelback song has a cute fireman in it... well he's not a real fireman... is he? hehehe!
  7. I'm married to a Marine..Marines are HOT!!:love:
  8. Ok, something about Navy whites is hot.... BUT there's something about a guy in a suit that I like. But even hotter is a guy with a tie slightly loosened, sleeves rolled up and slightly messed up hair.
  9. LOL! I love men in white Navy uniform too. So hot!!! I can't wait for this year's Fleetweek. Heeelloooo sailors.... :biggrin:
  10. To make it clear, I just look. I have a wonderful hubby, :lol:
  11. yeah! :biggrin:
  12. ^ Oh yes!! i love a man in a suit too!!! Or a construction worker... I dig the hard working man with his shirt off and nice abs... HAHA. Such a stereotype because that does NOT always happen!
  13. I so dig men in uniform, with a preference for firemen and navy.
  14. Firemen and Marines :love:
  15. Navy!!! Oooh yes, so hot!
    I remember waiting for a train in spain and seeing a whole gaggle of them come out. Sexy!