Sexy Borat swimsuit banned

  1. Oh thank goodness for small eyes my eyes! It's bad enough seeing Borat in this get up let alone a group of men in them!,23739,23121743-5013016,00.html

    By staff writers
    January 28, 2008 04:15pm

    POLICE in New Zealand have banned fans from wearing Borat's skimpy one-piece bathing suit to a rugby tournament, as they want to protect innocent children.

    Police turned a blind eye to the dozens of men who donned the distinctive high-riding fluoro green swimsuit last year but say they will crack down at the world rugby Sevens event in Wellington this year.

    "It's a family event and there will be children there," an officer said on New Zealand television today. He appealed to fans to have "a sense of decency".

    The Wellington round of the Sevens traditionally attracts thousands of fans who don all kinds of fancy dress.

    But anyone who turned up in the swimsuit made famous by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in his hit movie Borat would be turned away, police said.

    REVEALING ... Borat's notorious number.
  2. I think everyone (not just children) need protecting from that swimsuit!!!
  3. UGH that is just plain disgusting... it SHOULD be banned!
  4. lol I dont find it offensive just funny :biggrin:
  5. why would anyone in their right mind even show up to a beach with that tacky 'swimsuit' on? thats just stupid!!

    LMAO @ the Borat photo of the swimsuit wearing socks and shoes
  6. I think it would be hysterical to see a bunch of rugby guys running around in that get-up!
  7. Hysterical or hot?
  8. lol I would watch Rugby to see that! Hilarious!
  9. where is the sexy? I don't see it...
  10. HAHAHA if they have the uhm... balls? wear it, they should. Hilarious!
  11. To see rugby players in that would really just be... well, hopefully you didn't eat lunch first!
  12. I find it funnier that there is a store that sells these!
  13. Thank the Great Spirits I'm not the only one who thinks that swimsuit is disgusting. And no, I'm not a prude... I run around the house naked sometimes, but no-one can see me!!! (And at my age and shape, it's more funny that anything else!! HA!)

    I'd love to know what the designer of that thing was thinking when they designed it.
  14. I agree.
  15. :throwup:

    Glad they banned it. Who would want to look at anyone wearing that?!:yucky: