Sexy Arabic Lebanese Singer called Hayfa Wehbe

  1. She is very gorgeous!
  2. I don't mind that guy in the white shirt either (in 1st vid), lol ;) But, yes, she is pretty.
  3. Reminds me of Hindi movies.
  4. She is very pretty!
  5. Sorry not a fan of hayfa..She is amusing to watch tho.

    Off topic: Abdullah where are you from?
  6. That looks pretty risque for a arabic lebanese video.
  7. LOL alot people don't like hayfa.. there is all these rumors about her.. but you are right she is amusing to watch.. And I was born in jordan but grew up most of my life in JERZEE,US
  8. She IS gorgeous!
  9. She is beautiful! I love that kind of music. One of my goals is to learn arabic.
  10. Yes, she is gorgeous!!
  11. Not a Haifa fan here either.
  12. I was thinking the same thing
  13. Oh..I was supposed to be looking at a girl? I was distracted by that gorgeous man in the white shirt rowing the

    She is prett though!

  14. mmm she is yummy...what rumours ? :graucho: