Sexual Abuse Short film that really touched me.

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  1. So, here I am sitting at work and I was catching up (through email) with my childhood best friend. We drifted a part after high school (we were in different high schools) but she was sexually abused when she was younger.

    My friend sent me a link to this short film that was filmed by a small team of filmographers here. It was about a life of a girl who grew up in a sexually abused home and how both of her parents didn't do anything and how hard it was for her to change her life. It's called, "Cam Girl, The Movie". It was really sad and I basically started balling almost instantly because I knew how hard it was for my friend even though her parents and brother was VERY supportive.

    I thought I'd let anyone who's interested in seeing the short film to see it and to support the fight against sexual abuse. I don't mean to promote it, I just think it really deserves the support.

    *Warning!!* there is some nudity and the content is really raw and really heavy and can be uncomfortable for A LOT of people. It's really sad. But it opens my eyes. I don't ever want this to happen to another child again!

  2. Wow I only got about half way made me feel sick to my stomach.

    That poor girl
  3. I know! It makes me REALLY sick and it makes me so sad. I hope that anyone that can support this video or any other organization that fights against this can support it!

    Because of this video I finally made the jump to volunteered for the kids help phone line.
  4. ^thats so wonderful of you!
  5. this kind of parents is sickening!
    i cannot believe that people could do things like that to their own daughter!
  6. Same here. That's the reason why I posted it because I think there are people out there that may know someone or knew someone who was afraid to come forward and if a parent can do this to their child, then someone who just knows them could just walk away from the situation too. It's not OK to let a child suffer that way.

    It makes me so incredibly sad.