Sexing Up Swiss Brand Bally *pic*

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  1. Sexing Up Swiss Brand Bally
    — Rachel Dodes
    [​IMG]American designer Brian Atwood, the man recently called upon to sex up Swiss footwear maker Bally, strutted onto Milan fashion week today with a racy collection for his eponymous brand: $550, five-inch spiked-heel platform shoes in red patent leather and $1,200 calfskin handbag with a shiny metallic frame. Some shoes were displayed on mannequin legs mounted on a wall.

    “These are shoes you wear to be noticed,” he said, holding up a platform sandal in three different shades of patent leather.

    Mr. Atwood, who until 2004 worked as the chief accessories designer for Versace, announced last week that he will be taking on the unlikely role of creative director for the 156-year-old Bally. The company, which was acquired in 1999 by Texas Pacific Group, has struggled to shed its classical, conservative look and win the hearts of younger female consumers. By choosing Mr. Atwood, Bally wants to imbue the brand, known mainly for its high-quality men’s footwear and briefcases, with a more over-the-top style.

    “I am going to make it more glamorous,” said Mr. Atwood, who was looking polished in a green velvet blazer, and jeans, with his long hair slicked back. “We are going to take it to a new level without scaring people off.”

    Tomorrow night, Mr. Atwood will host a party at a new Bally boutique on Milan’s tony Via Montenapoleone, where reproductions of some of the company’s shoes from the 1920s and 1930s will be on display. Then, after popping over to Los Angeles for the Oscars, the designer says he’ll head to Schonenwerd, Switzerland, where Bally was founded in 1851.

    As for his own brand, which he launched in 2001 and financed himself, Mr. Atwood finally broke even last year and the brand has been drawing interest from some new corners of the market. Nordstrom recently agreed to carry his collection in select stores, while retailers like Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and New York’s Jeffrey boutique have been carrying his shoes for several seasons.

    After showing journalists around his atelier this morning, Mr. Atwood threw on a fitted leather jacket and oversized sunglasses, and excused himself: he had a meeting with Vogue editor Anna Wintour.
  2. I've never seen Bally IRL, but I like the pictures of the bags I've seen in magazines. Both of those versions of the shoe are beautifu. The reproduction is as lovely as the original.
  3. Interesting.... I want to see these shoes in the stores.
  4. my friend's a buyer for ballys! i'm gonna give her a call about these new shoes!
  5. Thanks for the article! I don't own any Bally's, I'd like to see them.
  6. I have owned Bally bags and shoes. The quality of their products is amazing. I have always found the styles to be fairly conservative. Yet, I am a huge fan of Brian Atwood and cant wait to see what else he has in store for Bally.
  7. Those "Veronica" heels are exquisite -- both the 1937 and 2007 editions! I want, I want, I want!
  8. This is going to be very interesting. My mom is a fan of Ballys and all her shoes are quite conservative. I hope Brian Atwood will help Ballys spice things up.
  9. These are not the Bally's shoes my Mom used to wear. WOW!! Moving forward with the times...
  10. Those are SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!

    If I had that kinda money to spend on shoes, I would get two pairs of the Veronica (2007) so I wouldnt have to worry when wearing them.

    But actually the older Veronica isnt bad either in my opinion. I think it is still pretty.