Sexiest Male Athelete 2007


Sexiest Male Athlete 2007

  1. Derek Jeter

  2. Will Demps

  3. Regie Bush

  4. Tom Brady

  5. Ronaldo

  6. Other

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  1. :choochoo:I played sports in high school, and was friends with a lot of the "jocks" , so needless to say I learned never trust a pretty face and a smile (and banging body). But I don't know, now-a-days, I finding some very sexy athletes that seem to be more than one dimensional. So I thought for the year 2007, with all the sports colliding at once: whose the sexiest athlete to date. Chose are:

    1. Derek Jeter:

    2. Will Demps

    3. Reggie Bush

    4. Tom Brady


    5. Beckham


    6. Ronaldo

  2. Hmm thats a hard one. Derek Jeter is over rated IMO. But then theres Reggie Bush, yum-o! Tom Brady is a little hotty too, but Beckham is just not cute at all IMO. This was definitely hard- but I went with Will Demps:graucho: Hes just sexy.
  3. Roger Federer :smile:
  4. Tom Brady gets my vote!
  5. One of the worst photos I've seen of Beckham, but he gets my vote all the way.:girlsigh:
  6. Becks isn't even in the poll...But he gets my vote
  7. Opps. I know that I missed something. How can I edit this and include Becks and also post another picture of Ronaldo?
  8. [​IMG]

    I vote for Tom Brady, but David Wright is not bad either........
  9. There's SO many... :roflmfao:

    Personally, I think Terrell Owens or my personal crush right now, Jonathan Vilma. :drool:

    Oh, and Chad Johnson. :yes:
  10. T.O is super sexy.:yes:
  11. [​IMG]

    HAHA Lovetotravel I knew I'd see you on this thread!!!
  12. T.O is sexy from the neck down only. His attitude makes him unattractive to me.:push::shrugs:

    I like brains and brawn-so Big Wily Demps for me.:tender:
  13. Loves Ronaldo's bulge.
  14. LOL. The back view aint that bad either:love: