Sexbomb spots

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  1. I just bought a used orange Sexbomb on ebay with some water spots on the front. It is the Lenny rather than the crunch leather. Any words of wisdom about getting the spots out? I keep reading that you gently wipe the area with distilled water and an white cloth out to the seam, then condition with leather conditioner. Has anyone actually tried this???
  2. I haven't tried it; nor do I have any idea what lenny leather is like... sorry!
  3. Yeah, sorry all my bags are crunch so I've never had to deal with water spots. I hope someone has the answer for you. Maybe post in the ask TE thread?
  4. I did, but I can't find it now, so I don't know it TE replied or not. Maybe I did it wrong.
  5. ^^:yes: She answered you sweet. Do you have pics to post for her to see?