Sex Vs Clothes.....

  1. Sex vs clothes - women come out of the closet

    7th February 2007

    [​IMG] A US survey has shown women favour shopping over sex :shame:

    For most women, the choice between sex and a new wardrobe is simple - they go for the clothes.
    Women on average say they would be willing to give up sex for 15 months for a closet full of new apparel, with two per cent ready to abstain from sex for three years in exchange for new clothes, according to a new survey of about 1,000 women in 10 US cities.

    Sixty-one per cent of women polled said it would be worse to lose their favourite article of clothing than give up sex for a month.
    "Some people say clothes make the man, but the right clothes can even replace him," fashion designer, stylist and TV personality Carson Kressley from the reality TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy said in a statement accompanying the poll. The study also suggested that clothes often wear better than relationships
  2. Haha. Poor us!
  3. lol love that article!! totally agree :yes:
  4. I agree, but i'd be only able to hold out for a certain extent.. definitely not 3 years... LOL

    And i'd be sooo traumatized if i lost a favorite piece of clothing over not getting any in a month :s... i can get some whenever... but a fav. piece of clothing would take awhile to replace.
  5. i think i commented on this article elsewhere, but i'd definately wait out 15 months of no sex for a brand new wardrobe of my choosing. that's just a smart financial decision! the longest i've gone with no sex, though, is about 3 maybe i don't know what i'm getting myself into!
  6. When I heard this (either radio or tv) I just :rolleyes: and said DUH! LOL.
  7. Hm sounds like you have really thought this out. wanna share ?
  8. lol I'd do it so long as I knew and liked what this this wardrobe consisted of!
  9. Well ladies I don't have a choice at the minute so it's clothes for sure LOL but I think it would be anyway :yahoo:
  10. It's so true.
  11. Now that's the way to look at it! :p
  12. Very funny !
  13. LOL! It's true, I'd give up sex for clothes! :shame:
  14. I would too.. :shame:

    Oh gosh. Let not the bf ever read this!! :rolleyes:
  15. ^^ That was exactly what I was thinking.:yes: