Sex Toy Triggers Bomb Scare in Sweden

  1. 2 days ago
    STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) — A Swedish bomb squad called out to disarm a suspicious package on Wednesday did not find a ticking bomb. But they did find a vibrating sex toy.
    A janitor alerted police after he found the package in a garage of an apartment building in Goteborg, the country's second-largest city, police spokesman Jan Strannegard said.
    The package was humming and vibrating suspiciously, so police took no chances and sent out a team of explosives experts. After having cordoned off the area, they opened the package with bomb disposal equipment, only to find the battery-operated device inside.
    "The package was vibrating when the janitor found it, but I think it had sort of died out by the time it was disarmed," Strannegard said.

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  3. That is embarrassing but hilarious.
  4. OMG, I feel bad for the owner of the package. The whole world knows now.:roflmfao:

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