Sex & the City. Worth buying the complete series set?

  1. I just love this show, I've only seen a small handfull of episodes and it totally keeps my interest. Although I don't know what part of the series I keep catching. They all seem consistently good though, I might get it.
    I've never bought a series set and watched it before, especially an older show, not that it's that old.
    What do you think of it?

    I mean how do you watch nearly 100 episodes of something if you don't do it weekly? I don't know if I'll feel like a hermit in the end, haha.
    But yeah I just love this show. It was so big when it was on, I just don't get HBO in my room so I never caught it. Now I do on WB! Or CW, whatever it is now.
  2. i would get it from eBay much cheaper than getting it from retail store
  3. I have the whole series and I love it and have definitely watched it over and over without becoming a shut in.
    It's perfect for putting on and cleaning or doing other projects and also fun to listen to the commentaries.
    The show is consistently good so if you have enjoyed the episodes you've watched you will like the series.
  4. make sure you buy the right region dvd if you buy it on eBay!

    i think sex and the city is totally worth it, and buying the set is about the same price as getting them individually, plus you get the cool case and some special features that the regular dvds don't have.

    i have all of the SATC dvds and i'd really like to add the full set to my collection. i also tivo all the reruns that come on and watch a couple before bed every night. i've seen every episode about half a dozen times, and it never ever gets old to me. it's SO well done, and i can identify with the relationship issues in almost every single episodes. it's gotten me through two bad breakups, it's actually a pretty significant emotional touchstone in my life.
  5. target has had the whole set on sale and i bought mine at sam's club for just $9.99 for all seasons... check there if you can!!

    good luck - love them!!
  6. OMG Amanda, well said I own the set and I watch them over and over and I never get tired look at them! it's definately worth it!
  7. Awesome you guys, thanks very much!! I'm definitely getting this!
    But yes, I'm not sure where... I browsed eBay and I'll do that and keep in mind with what region.
    I'll have to check around for prices, I'm sure at the end I'll be glad I got the whole set for the special features.

  8. It's worth it. I love that show.
    If you haven't watched it in order before you should, you will understand it better and i never get bored of it. I will watch my dvds in order every few months and i still love it.
  9. I bought the shoe box last year, and totally worth it !!! I bought it to have with me forever my first ever favorite tv serie.
    Even after years of seing the episodes regularly on TV, I got with watching it all a deeper understanding of the serie, for example the friendship between the 4 women, and the evolution of the making, the fashion...
    There is also a big chance you had missed a few episodes ?!
    Now when I am alone and feeling down I put SATC, immediate lift and laugh guaranteed !!!
  10. I bought the complete series a few years ago when it first came out.....
    You won't regret it....
    I never tire of it.
  11. i pop in a disc when i'm feeling down or in a always inspires me to dress a little better, and i just love the series! i could never get sick of it!
  12. I definitely recommend buying the whole series. If you catch a deal you can buy all the seasons separately and its cheaper than buying the pink set, but I love my pink set. I never get tired of seeing them and there are some episodes that funny no matter how many times I watch it, I still crack up. I'm getting the series for my college roommate for her b-day and I know she's going to flip. I bought my at Target, it was little less expensive than the sets they had on Ebay but it was completely worth it.
  13. YES! From the beginning I bought the DVD sets. And then the whole series set came out in the pink book so I had to get that as well. I happen to have a serious SATC addiction. I will throw them on when I'm cleaning the house or whatever. It never gets old!!
  14. I had seen each season prior to purchasing it, so I knew I wanted to own it. Depends on how much you like the show??
  15. OMG you can be a woman and NOT Have SATC DVDs!! I watch them all the time. One of my favorite things to do is put them on while I am cleaning the house. I just enjoy hearing them in the background.