sex & the city THE MOVIE eiffel tower bag (preview shots)

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  1. Have you girls seen the preview shots yet from the movie 'sex and the city'?
    Here is a pic of the already much discussed 'eiffeltower bag'!

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  2. Yeah I've seen it. I love SATC, but I think that bag is hideous.
  3. a little extra info:
    The designer is Timmy Woods and the bag is decorated with 6300 Swarovski crystals. The price is 2500 usd.
  4. LOL :lol:
  5. Cute idea but it looks really "touristy".
  6. I have to agree to with BarsRmylife. The bag is interesting but it does look touristy and in no way does it even look remotely worth 2500 dollars.
  7. it's not my style but I can appreciate it's totally a novelty bag!:yes:
  8. I think it's kind of cute. But like the others said, very touristy, so I probably wouldn't buy it. (And that's without getting in to the price! - which is ridiculous for a bag like this)
  9. Carrie Bradshaw can pull off ANYTHING in my opinion... I love it when she wears / carries hideous things and makes them look fabulous!
  10. wow i love the whole outfit...
    i think carrie can make anything looks good!

    although personally i won't carry that bag :P
  11. Thanks, but no thanks.
  12. If anyone wants a bag like that, they can find many variations of it in the tourist trappy stores on rue de Rivoli or in the Latin Quarter of Paris. They probably cost 20-30 euros. :P
  13. I think that bag is really 'Carrie' though. She was always wearing things that were slightly too kitsch but that was her style!
  14. Novelty bags are really art work. Not my style at all, but a great novelty bag
  15. Forget the bag, I want those SHOES!
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