Sex & the City, Dior bags

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  1. Does anyone have any pics/captions (or know of websites) of the Dior handbags Carrie Bradshaw on Sex & the city carried? Also does anyone happen to know what Dior purses are on sale at the Dior Outlet at Cabazon Ca...thanks
  2. Does anyone have pictures to share?
  3. There are some photos on Sex... web (via Click on The Look , then Carrie. Always loved the scarf print saddle from season 3.
  4. :huh:oh, i'd love to know which bags are for sale too at the Cabazon outlets.
  5. I think you can just call them and ask. = /
  6. i know she carried this during the 3rd season
  7. Love it!
  8. me too, one of my faves!!~
  9. [​IMG]
  10. ^ Omigod! I'm so in love with that bag. Especially when she showed the inside to Aidan to show she had quit smoking. Ahhh Love.
  11. yes they're torturing us!!
  12. I love this bag from the show too!!
  13. I knew i loved sex and the city for some reason!!
  14. I use to watch sex and city for shopping tips on wat to get. so earrings that samantha wore and some heart/apple necklace and hermes necklace carries wore, dior clutch,chloe bracelt handbag. wish the show would come back...