Sex Sells - Does this add take it too far?


What do you think about this add campain?

  1. Yes -i thin it's cool and it makes me want to buy their stuff

  2. No - it makes me want to spend my money elsewhere

  3. Indifferent - don't care, i don't mind it

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    I came across this add on another forum and although it has sparked wide debate over there, the other forum itself lacks the poll functionality. Keep clicking on the photos to reveal the other ones. I was just interested to see how many people would look at these and think "i'm definitely getting myself those jeans". Although i don't consider myself a prude i find some of the photos on this add campain rather tasteless and disturbing on so many levels it's not funny.
  2. Those advertisements are gross..
  3. That is so not sexy! Makes me think twice about that jeans! Yuck!
  4. Geez Louise! Those look like publicity shots for a porn movie!:wtf:

  5. :wtf:...I can't believe these are really ads for jeans?!! They are trying so hard to start a controversy, so they can get the C. Klein did in the 70's or was it the 80's? Their ads make me NOT want to buy their jeans, not that I was going to anyway....bunch of low class sleazebags working at Lee's!:yes:
  6. Personally, I don't like the ad at all. Is it really their new ad campaign? Or is it just a photo someone took spoofing their ads? I can't imagine that a reputable magazine would want photos like that in their publication.
  7. I do have to say that seeing a sexy add with a man being the "symbol" in it is well deserved by us women. I am so tired of seeing TNA of women all over the place without any men on display. I think the whole sex sells bit in advertising works, but give us women a little something to look at. I'm bored.
    As far as this add goes.....well, done WAY wrong. Not sexy at all.
  8. It might be sexy if the model weren't flipping the bird at me. As it is, I find it vulgar and juvenile. I'm with juliep, otherwise. Ads use womens' bodies to sell everything from cars to cigarettes to shampoo "totally organic experience"? boy did I hate those stupid shampoo ads!). Turnabout is fair play and I'd like to see the sacred p***s get as much "exposure" as breasts and behinds do.
  9. if you look through the gallery, all the other ads in the campaign are focused on a female model. there is PLENTY of t and a.

    the ads don't really offend me, per se, but they're pretty tacky and trying WAY too hard to be edgy and controversial. a thinly veiled attempt to make themselves cool, and it's not well-executed at all.
  10. Ick! No thank you, Lee.
  11. yep, definitely gross!
  12. :roflmfao:
    These shots look like they were produced in some cheap "No Tell Motel".I don't believe for a minute these are legit.I think someone is jerking Lee around so to speak :hrmm:.
    I'm not a prude by a long shot but I must say advertising such as this has never motivated me to buy clothing.
  13. You know what that reminds me of? Those old Calvin Klein ads where the models looked underage and on heroin. (Or I feel like I'm on the set of Fiona Apple's Criminal video.)

    The new ad campaign for Diesel jeans is Diesel Heaven. I never saw the ads in American magazines, only in British Cosmo. The whole concept is fallen angel, and in one picture, this woman was wearing these angel wings, and it looked like the wing was giving the finger!

    I couldn't find pictures, but here's their new ad campaign: } DIESEL Presents | DIESEL Heaven {
  14. Are we sure those ads are for Lee Jeans? Just from looking at their site it appears they are trying to market to the 40 plus demographic and those pictures would be very out of character for this brand.
  15. For the most part, I think American television is too prudish when it comes to commercials. Oftentimes, I'd be watching a show on banned commercials, and for the most part, I'd agree that some are too sexy, with others I wind up thinking, "What's wrong with THAT!?!?!"

    But with the Lee ad campaign, I think that's a bit too far. It's sleazy.

    In the Diesel ad, the idea of an angel giving the finger is funny. (And it takes a while to figure it out, because she's using her wings, and so really it's the middle feather.)