Sex In The City Star Cynthia Nixon With Her Girlfriend Christine

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  1. Cynthia Nixon enjoyed a night out with her girlfriend Christine Marinoni at a NYC benefit.

  2. Her girlfriend looks like someone's Grandpa! She can do better!
  3. i didn't know she swung that way... nothing wrong with it.... just didn't know :shrugs: I agree she can do better! :yes:
  4. Maybe her girlfriend is a real sweet gal, looks don't always matter...but, if they did matter I would agree that she could do better.
  5. She can def. do better!!
  6. I think she was married and has kids. I'm not sure what to think about her GF, but hey, as long as they're happy!
  7. Good for her. At least she's happy.

    Looks aren't everything.
  8. I've seen pictures of her and her girlfriend before :smile:

    Good for them ;)
  9. Yeah, I think she was married with kids before. I read somewhere that she just likes to see herself as someone who has relationships with people, she doesn't like to categorize them as male or female, just people. Either way, so long as she's happy :smile:
  10. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. OTT - Is her GF wearing excessive blush?
  12. Wow, Cynthia looks great, but her girlfriend looks like her male cousin or some other realative. She can do so much better.
  13. i didn't know either!!!
  14. I think she's bi. thats what i remember reading a few years back. i love cynthia nixon
  15. well, if they are happy, that's all that counts. ;)