Sex in the City, reality?

  1. One of my friends is writing a book about the way many guys now-a-days never grow up. He is calling it "Men to Boys" and he talks about how so many guys in their 20's-30's still live at their parents, play video games, and avoid commitments like marraige.

    He mentions Seinfeld and Friends as potential representations of "realistic" single life but says that Sex in the City is definitely NOT realistic at all.

    Now I know that the LIFESTYLES on sitc are too lavish to be real for most people. But the way that RELATIONSHIPS operated on that show actually seemed somewhat realistic to me. All of their dramas and dillemmas seemed pretty genuine. That's one reason why I think it's such a classic -- because it really does capture the singles scene today in all its glory and ambiguity.

    Anyway, what do you guys think?
  2. Mandy, were there any particular dramas/delimmas in particular that struck you? There were so many!

    So trying to speak generally here...

    I'm almost 22, and I date guys a few years older or my own age, and regardless we have relationships that seem way more mature than Carrie's on Sex and the City (I mean, look at her and Aiden, what a hot mess and all of it her own doing)... I've always been much more like Charlotte. The guy and I have always talked about marriage and I've always made it extremely clear that my relationships need to progress to that point... it's a good filtering process for the guys who will waste my time and it's also good simply to be honest about what I want.

    My last boyfriend was my age. He goes to Stanford, as did his father and his older brothers. The three older brothers all got married immediately upon graduation, and my boyfriend asked me if I would consider doing the same. I only use these guys as an example of how there are mature men out there: though I guess maybe it's something about their genes or Stanford's water. ;) Editted to add: he basically proposed is what I was getting at!

    For all the coy games girls like to play (I do, I think it's mostly harmless flirting), you've got to be honest about what you expect out of a relationship. I don't think guys are immature or commitment-phobic as a general rule (as Miranda from SATC thinks) simply because I don't tolerate immaturity and commitmentphoiba: so the pool of guys I do know are all really great and I've never had a problem.

    It seems like Samantha is the HAPPIEST with being single and herself out of all those characters because she is clear about what she wants: she wants a good time. And Charlotte is the first to get married (twice) because she makes it abudently clear those are her expectations. Being honest about desires is key, I think!
  3. Man, I just analyzed TV characters like real people. LOL Sorry!
  4. LOL, I always related most to Charlotte too, but somehow end up in nutty situations like Carrie.

    Anyway, I also just realized that I put sex IN instead of AND -- oops!
    More later, I love all the analysis!!
  5. I love SATC but other than the fact there are 4 women who are super close its pretty real with the situations and all but again, its rare to see four unrelated women so close.
  6. In Italy, the men there can live at home with mom until middle-age! They are called, Mammonis and in Italian, this means mama's boy. "More than half of the single Italian men in Italy still live at home." :blink:

    Another book that addresses this is called, "The Peter Pan Syndrome."